Be a Fit Gamer


Kids, do you enjoy playing challenging video games? Parents, are your children spending too much time sitting around playing these video games? MotionMaze is designed to get kids up off the couch and moving to solve various mazes. This app combines gaming with movement to increase physical activity for children. Kids can enjoy a challenging visual game while also burning off energy and staying active! The app gets kids on their feet and running in place. Download it for free today and become gamer fit!



Jump into Fitness


Looking for a new activity that your kids will love?! Sky Zone is the place for you! They are home to the world’s first indoor trampoline park. They combine health, fitness, and fun for all ages. Kids will love the thrill they get from flying high on the wall-wall trampoline courts. Play is a perfect way to engage children in exercise while having fun. At Sky Zone, kids will put their muscles and mind to use through competitive and fun attractions such as Sky Slam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Sky Hoops, Foam Zone, and more! Sky Zone is located in Jefferson, KY and open 10am-9pm. 2 hours of jumping will cost approximately 20 dollars. Check out their website for a full list of programs, attractions and promotions!

Your choices matter


This powerful ad gives a glimpse into how unhealthy habits can impact your future. Children learn from their parents. Lifestyle habits begin in early childhood. It is so important that we teach our children the importance of a nutritious diet and exercise on our health. Many of the risk factors for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are lifestyle related and can be prevented. Parents, be mindful of the example you are setting for your child and help them to develop healthy behaviors from the start. To learn more visit Strong4Life.

School Plays a Role


There are many ways to increase physical activity throughout the day. By incorporating exercise during the everyday school routine, children gain many benefits. If it is safe, walking to and from school is a simple way to jumpstart the day’s activity. Schools that offer recess and physical education classes help children to maintain healthy body weight. Encourage your children to participate in school sports teams or clubs. A more active lifestyle leads to greater academic achievement. Schools can make difference both in and outside of the classroom!


Bringing Movement into the Classroom

The New York Times| Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class

Schools across the country are adapting a new approach to the school day. Rather than telling children to sit still at their desk all day, we should be encouraging them to be more active. New research has proven that children who are more active have an increased cognition and attention span. Movement breaks throughout the day help to stimulate the cells in the brain which can also boost academic performance. They allow kids the chance the refresh and recharge throughout the long school day. These active breaks do not replace physical education instead, they are aimed at increasing the amount of time children are active. This is a great approach to incorporate exercise into the child’s daily routine and make the school day more enjoyable!