Words to Live By

You have BRAINS in your HEAD,

You have FEET in your SHOES,

You can STEER yourself any DIRECTION you CHOOSE.

-Dr. Seuss




Moving toward happiness

A Call to Action: Get Young Kids Moving


New research has consistently proven that moderate to vigorous physical activity leads to fewer symptoms of depression in children. It is also a prescribed treatment for kids suffering from depression and anxiety related disorders. In addition, children who are less physically active are more likely to become overweight which may then lead to poor self esteem and depression. Today’s children are spending 7-10 hour per day in front of a screen between television, video games and social media. It is crucial for parents and children to understand the importance of physical activity in both physical and mental wellbeing.

The attached article provides suggestions for parents to help get their child moving. Tips include: setting aside time each day for children to be active and get their blood pumping either through sports or playing outside with friends, incorporating physical activity into the family dynamic, finding physical activities that are appealing to the child, assigning chores such as vacuuming or walking the dog to burn calories and limiting sedentary screen time to only 40 minutes per day.

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Visit the Kentucky Science Center


The Kentucky Science Center is a perfect place to explore on a rainy or cold day. It is great for the whole family and there is something to interest all age groups. This unique museum is an easy way to combine both learning and physical activity. Children can roam about the 3 stories in this hands on science museum. For the kids, there are 4 interactive exhibits that engage the body, mind and imagination. They include: Science in Play, The World Around Us, The World Within Us and World We Create. Each exhibit offers a new and exciting experience that both kids and adults are sure to love. Children are able to build their own roller coaster and improve their gross motor skills on the 14 foot tall Happy Climber. Your kids will have so much fun exploring the variety of exhibits and activities that it won’t seem like learning or exercise.

The Kentucky Science Center is located at 727 West Main Street Louisville, KY 40202. Parking directly behind the building is 6 dollars daily. It is open Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday-Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission for the Exhibits and Movie is 20.00 for adults and 15.00 for children or you can become a member for just 79 dollars a year.

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A message from your kids


Today’s children now have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Why is this? Only 10 percent of children engage in enough daily activity. Approximately 30% of children are overweight or obese and this number continues to climb. This problem can be prevented with your help! As parents you can help your kids become more active beginning in early childhood. Promote their involvement in school sports teams such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, or tennis. The future health of our children depends on us! Get up & get moving! Check out this site to learn how you can help.

Get Active to Get A’s


Children who are more physically active are more likely to earn better grades in school. Exercise can improve attention span and behavior in the classroom thus leading to higher academic achievement. Engaging in 60 minutes of physical activity a day also enhances mood and leads to a positive attitude. Encourage your child to participate in physical activity at recess and on the school playground through games such as kickball, basketball, and tag. Take a family walk or bike ride after dinner to help your child focus better on homework. Instilling healthy habits in your child will enhance their overall wellbeing.

Benefits for the body & mind

Exercise Benefits Children Physically and Mentally 



Physical activity has endless benefits for the body, mind and spirit. In addition to the positive physical impact that exercise has on the body, it also is beneficial to a child’s mental health. Studies show that exercise helps children build confidence and better manage anxiety and depression. Researchers found that children with behavioral disorders that participated in cybercycling had improved classroom functioning. Visual stimulation such as cybercycling motivates children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety and other mood disorders to engage in physical activity. This supports evidence that exercise is beneficial mentally as well as physically in children with behavioral challenges.

The article also discusses the role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of other mental conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia and grief. Exercise is a great way to release stress and cope with anxieties that come with daily life. Dr. Christina Hibbert, a clinical psychologist, believes that the younger we engage in physical activity the healthier we will be. She believes that the best way for parents to help their child be more active is to make a habit out of exercise while making it a fun bonding experience. She suggests activities such as bike riding, playing outside and anything to get your body moving.

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