Moving toward happiness

A Call to Action: Get Young Kids Moving


New research has consistently proven that moderate to vigorous physical activity leads to fewer symptoms of depression in children. It is also a prescribed treatment for kids suffering from depression and anxiety related disorders. In addition, children who are less physically active are more likely to become overweight which may then lead to poor self esteem and depression. Today’s children are spending 7-10 hour per day in front of a screen between television, video games and social media. It is crucial for parents and children to understand the importance of physical activity in both physical and mental wellbeing.

The attached article provides suggestions for parents to help get their child moving. Tips include: setting aside time each day for children to be active and get their blood pumping either through sports or playing outside with friends, incorporating physical activity into the family dynamic, finding physical activities that are appealing to the child, assigning chores such as vacuuming or walking the dog to burn calories and limiting sedentary screen time to only 40 minutes per day.

To read more about how exercise will benefit your child, click here. 





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