School Plays a Role


There are many ways to increase physical activity throughout the day. By incorporating exercise during the everyday school routine, children gain many benefits. If it is safe, walking to and from school is a simple way to jumpstart the day’s activity. Schools that offer recess and physical education classes help children to maintain healthy body weight. Encourage your children to participate in school sports teams or clubs. A more active lifestyle leads to greater academic achievement. Schools can make difference both in and outside of the classroom!



Attention Parents!


Between social media, television and video games children are spending nearly 9 hours per day in front of a screen. These sedentary activities are preventing children from leading healthy and fulfilling lives. Parents can make a difference by limiting screen time to 1-2 hours per day and removing televisions and electronics from their bedrooms. Make sure your child has at least 1 hour of physical activity per day. Encourage them to get outside and get moving through activities like skateboarding, dog walking, and bike riding!

Get Active to Get A’s


Children who are more physically active are more likely to earn better grades in school. Exercise can improve attention span and behavior in the classroom thus leading to higher academic achievement. Engaging in 60 minutes of physical activity a day also enhances mood and leads to a positive attitude. Encourage your child to participate in physical activity at recess and on the school playground through games such as kickball, basketball, and tag. Take a family walk or bike ride after dinner to help your child focus better on homework. Instilling healthy habits in your child will enhance their overall wellbeing.

Facts First!


Childhood obesity rates continue to climb in the United States. Physical activity programs are being cut from our schools. 74% of children ages 2-10 do not get enough daily exercise. However, there are many alternative ways that parents and teachers can engage kids in physical fitness. Taking a family walk after dinner is a simple and easy way to get the entire family up and moving. Outdoor games such as tag and kickball are great ways for kids to exercise. Children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day to maintain a healthy body weight. Now that we know the facts, it is time to get our youth moving toward a more healthy lifestyle!