Be a Fit Gamer


Kids, do you enjoy playing challenging video games? Parents, are your children spending too much time sitting around playing these video games? MotionMaze is designed to get kids up off the couch and moving to solve various mazes. This app combines gaming with movement to increase physical activity for children. Kids can enjoy a challenging visual game while also burning off energy and staying active! The app gets kids on their feet and running in place. Download it for free today and become gamer fit!



Do you Sworkit?!


The Sworkit Kids App allows you to bring fitness anywhere you go! Children can create custom workout games that help them improve strength, flexibility and agility. Kids can test their skills by seeing how long they can hop on one foot, how many squats they can do and other exciting fitness challenges. The videos on the app are lead by other children and promote fitness in a enjoyable way. Download the app today and put your kids to Swork!

Find your inner Yogi and Download the free Super Stretch Yoga App!


The Adventures of Super Stretch yoga program challenges children to move in a creative and healthy way. The app was designed to teach kids the fun of physical activity and breathing exercises through yoga. The app features 12 yoga poses for all skill levels and all ages. Super Stretch guides each player by storytelling, animation and video examples to find balance and strength. This is a great way to involve the whole family in activity! Click here to learn more.