Climb to Fitness!


Take your kids somewhere new and check out Climb NuLu! It’s a perfect place for children to engage in physical activity in a fun and unique way. They offer clubs and teams for children to learn about climbing, engage in games and activities while having fun in a safe environment. Everyone can climb Monday- Friday 11am-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-9pm. For kids, a day pass is only 10 dollars and children 3 and under are free. Climb NuLu is located on East Market St. Visit their website to learn more.


Do you Sworkit?!


The Sworkit Kids App allows you to bring fitness anywhere you go! Children can create custom workout games that help them improve strength, flexibility and agility. Kids can test their skills by seeing how long they can hop on one foot, how many squats they can do and other exciting fitness challenges. The videos on the app are lead by other children and promote fitness in a enjoyable way. Download the app today and put your kids to Swork!

GoNoodle Gets Kids Moving!


GoNoodle turns screen time into active time. Parents, teachers and kids all around the country are loving it! GoNoodle offers hundreds of custom created video games that get kids jumping, stretching, dancing, and running. It is a great way to incorporate physical activity with gaming in an energetic and interactive way. It also helps improve classroom performance, behavior and attention span, by serving as a means for children to release energy and get their blood pumping during the school day. Check out the website to learn more!

Eating Smarter


We must not forget the importance of a healthy diet. Diet and activity habits develop in childhood. It is crucial that parents teach their children the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables beginning at a young age. A well balanced diet allows children to grow and develop healthy and strong bones, brains and immune systems. Combining a healthy diet along with adequate physical acitivty will help kids to maintain a healthy body weight. Make eating healthy fun by creating a colorful plate full of nutritious foods with your child!

Attention Parents!


Between social media, television and video games children are spending nearly 9 hours per day in front of a screen. These sedentary activities are preventing children from leading healthy and fulfilling lives. Parents can make a difference by limiting screen time to 1-2 hours per day and removing televisions and electronics from their bedrooms. Make sure your child has at least 1 hour of physical activity per day. Encourage them to get outside and get moving through activities like skateboarding, dog walking, and bike riding!